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Shenzhen Zenith Technology Co., Ltd.

LED flood lights, LED street lights, LED area lights, LED canopy lights, LED panel lights, LED volumetric troffers, L...

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  • Phone: +86 752 3190066
  • Mobile: +86 13923404211
  • QQ: 1184502102
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    2/F Building 1, Changfang Light Industrial Park. No.6 Dongxin Road, Dongjiang Hi-tech Industrial Zone, Huicheng District, Shuikou Town, Huihzou, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Shenzhen Zenith Technology Co., Ltd., aka, Huizhou Zenith Technology Co., Ltd., is an established manufacturer of interior and exterior lighting products. Since being founded in 2012 in Shenzhen, Zenith Technology has been on the cutting edge of innovation and technology by embracing the emerging technologies and integrating them into its products. Zenith Technology has been prominently distinguished from competition for its solution-centric business model that creates consistently superior value for its customers and accelerates the company's expansion. In October 2016 the company was relocated to Huizhou, Guangdong to support its vibrant growth with a substantially improved manufacturing infrastructure.

With aggressive product development and certification strategies, Zenith Technology built a strong presence and brand recognition particularly in the North American market for its quality lines of products. The company's product strength is established on its uncompromising emphasis on quality and reliability and relentless cost optimization through continuous improvement in all aspects of its business. A complete range of product certifications and approvals such as UL/cUL, ETL, DCL, FCC, CE, and RoHS is equally critical to constitute the overall competitiveness, which not only demonstrates compliance to the requirements of widely accepted product safety standards, but also delivers the company's unyielding quality commitment to the markets. Zenith's confidence in its product quality and reliability can be reflected in its industry leading 5-year warranty.

The interior lighting solutions presented by Zenith Technology includes LED panel lights, LED volumetric troffers and LED tubes, which are designed to make the transformation to energy efficient LED technology from the more conventional sources easy and affordable. Zenith Technology continuously expands its product line to offer cutting-edge products that take advantage of its wealth of experience and expertise in LED technology and product engineering. This selection of LED products include LED flood lights, LED street lights, LED area lights, and LED canopy lights. With expanded portfolio, improved manufacturing infrastructure and a growing team of lighting professional, Zenith Technology is poised for a substantial growth.
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